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Crazy Wheels - First Update for Early Access now available

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Crazy Wheels - First Early Access Update

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The first update for Crazy Wheels is finally out!

The new update introduces support for SteamWorkshop, uploading, downloading and updating your maps. It also provides a few of the official maps to play download, edit and play with.
On the gameplay side, it introduces a new powerup (a rocket), improvements to the AI which now handle the different maps better and 2 new maps.

Let me first start by saying that I like working iteratively, and not focusing on one feature all at once. I think implementing a basic version of a feature, moving away from it for a while and coming back to it allows for a clearer mind.
This got a little out of hand, as the work to finish up what I had planned ended up being more than I had expected. It started with implementing a basic rocket (which didnt collide with other the objects in the environment at first) and a basic support for the steamworkshop. I worked on a few other things that didnt make it into this update (cloud saves, unlockables and new cars namely)
I went back to the iron out the rocket and steam workshop support to add the ability to update maps already on the workshop, having more informational menus (different popups if the file already exists both on disk and on the workshop, should it be replaced ect ect) as well as adding environment collision to the rocket. This was way more work than expected, especially since adding environment collision didn't play well with the level editor right out of the box, and there were a lot of tweaks to supporting a nice workflow.

It all came ended up coming together, but it did feel quite a bit tight towards the end. So note to self, next time, it's ok to juggle between features, but not too many, and try to scope the release better. It was ok to have many features at once before the game was released, but now it's important that whatever is released works well.

I am excited to get all the backend working though, and excited to waht is coming next! (A way more gameplay oriented update!)

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