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Crafting has been implemented in the game! Learn how it works!

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Hello! Just finished the crafting system for the game! Here's how it works:
- When you find an item with an enchantment you can "break down" the item. You get a scroll with the enchantment, but you lose the item.
- Once you have the scroll you can use it on any equipment. When you enchant an item, all it's previous bonuses are lost and replaced with the ones on the scroll.
Next I will be working on quests.

I would also use this occasion to ask for help with promoting the game. The fact is that for a few days there are very few visitors on my Greenlight page and many of them don't even vote at all! If you could give me a hand and ask people to come to this page and vote (not asking you to force them to vote “Yes”. Just vote.) it would be sooo awesome!

As an incentive I propose this offer: anybody who convices one other person to vote for my game will receive a special demo of the game as it is now.
The demo version available on the web page (Dungeonsarerandom.eu) allows you to play only for 4 levels and doest not include the crafting system. The “special” version I am offering will still be a demo, but will include the crafting system and will allow for playing though up to 16 levels. It will still not allow you to save the game, however.

Just to make things 100% clear - I am not trying to "buy" Yes votes. As I mentioned, there are a lot of people who visit my Greenlight page and don't vote at all. What I would like is encourage people to vote - whether they vote Yes or No.

When you convince somebody to vote on my game, tell them to leave a comment with your Steam nickname in it – I will contact you and send you my thanks together with the special demo of the game :).

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