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On our DeviantArt page we are holding a contest to come up with the new cover art for Silver Symbiosis. The winner will get their idea used as the game's official cover art!

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We are remaking the cover art! Right now we are still brainstorming. We have several ideas but more ideas would definitely be welcome!


Remember, if your idea gets chosen it will be used as the cover art for the game!

Entries will be judged on CONCEPT rather than EXECUTION. This means that if your idea is good enough, it doesn't matter what the artwork is like.

Entries can be written descriptions with or without visual art, though ones WITH a visual element will have extra weight.

As I will be entering it myself I shall not be involved with judging it, instead I have asked several people involved in various aspects of the Game and/or IT industry to judge.

Deadline: September 30th with judging taking place over the following week.

Justin Lawrence (Animator): Facebook.com - Yes
Bobby Buffum (Programmer): Facebook.com - Yes
Mike Kalmbach (Programmer): Facebook.com - Yes
Davence Young (Cosplay costume and prop designer/builder): Facebook.com - Maybe
Eben Illingworth(Product Marketing): Facebook.com - Yes

The prizes so far are:

  • Winning cover art actually gets used
  • Short story by me :iconc-hillman: featuring the winner's OC(s)
  • Digital painting by :iconarekage:
  • Drawing by :iconnightenscythe:

With (hopefully) more to be donated

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