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Covenant: Project Zero update from the dev team! New images, trailer, a little more info on the game itself and some links.

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Howdy folks, it's been a beat!

We've been hitting the midnight oil for a while, and managed to put together a teaser trailer to finally show what the game looks like.

Covenant: Project Zero - Teaser - Indie DB

Covenant: Project Zero is an action-adventure, which means there's dialogues and puzzles - but also plenty opportunities to shoot your way out of trouble! We've been slowly moving towards developing the in-game logic for one-on-one, one-on-two, and in-game tech to help you overcome the battles, and it has made the game 100x more fun to play!

Covenant: Project Zero - in-game images

It's also now a fully controller-friendly game, not just an oldskool keyboard+mouse combo game.

The development and design have been going on real well, and we'll soon be able to share our official wiki for the game which will tell you all a little about the universe in which Covenant: Project Zero is taking place!

The in-game combination of pixel art we started with and awesome CGI rendered through a toon shader look kind of like this at the moment, which is very close to concept art we had when we just started playing with the whole 2.5D approach. Super stylish, a little retro flavor but altogether a LOT of fun to play!

Covenant: Project Zero - in-game images

Covenant: Project Zero - in-game images

On the music front - Igor Djordjevic has composed an amazing soundtrack for the game which is bound to be up there with the finest sci-fi game ziq out there.

Overall, the team excitement is really going up as we're now only a few months from the official release - but also - we've signed up for SteamFest, and once we actually figure out how - we'll play the game on Discord in front of a live audience. Hopefully it's not gonna crash... A lot :-) We still have a lot to work out, for sure.

Steam link to keep on your radar:

Covenant: Project Zero on Steam (wish list us please :-) )

You can reach out to us for any press inquiries or if you'd like to be one of our game testers or just to say hi! Currently the game is Windows only, but we're considering publishing a Mac build, too.

Down the line we'll planning ports for Android and iOS, and maybe some consoles!

That's all for now, stay tuned for more updates!

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