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You open your eyes, slowly and painfully, as a dull throb pounds inside
your skull. All around you is darkness accompanied by an overwhelming
silence. There is a weight in your lap as you squint into the darkness
revealing nothing but what seems to be the hospital bed you are lying in
and the cold, metallic glint of a flashlight's metal casing.

You reach down anxiously, taking the flashlight in hand and trying
to take comfort in its ambient glow. Your surroundings reveal nothing. A
room. Cold. Dark. Lonely.

Seemingly awakened by your movement an emergency broadcast begins to play.

"Caution: This bunker has been evacuated. All occupants are
instructed to make their way to their nearest assigned exit and to
follow the instructions of security. Caution..."

It repeats its soulless instruction and the sickly feeling of dread
coils in your stomach as you take your first steps forward. Your
thoughts struggle to make sense in your head but instinct tells you that
things are about to get worse...

Finding your way out of the bunker will not be as easy as you think;
defended by numerous security systems, your journey is going to be a
dangerous one. Sure, you could try to activate the shutdown sequences...
As long as you can solve the puzzles required to do so.

You are alone. Defenseless. Confused. But then, for you, it was always this way...

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