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Time for another update. This time an introduction of events, and a look behind the scenes at how we make them!

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When playing Convoy, you will constantly have to make decisions in events. Every event has multiple possible outcomes, the result of which depends on your choices (and a bit of luck).
On paper, an event looks like this:


The top part shows the event and bottom part explains what each coloured square means. The event starts at the title (this is just used internally and doesn’t show in the game) and ends at the result called [event end] in a yellow box. You “navigate” from left to right, with possible branching indicated by red (for choice) and orange (for random chance) lines. The blue boxes indicate dialogue, something that is said TO you. The green boxes indicate a reply, something said BY you. Darker coloured boxes indicate that the dialogue or reply contains a variable (a certain item or resource).


As said, red and orange lines indicate branching. Red is a choice branch, these happen when there are multiple replies to a singe dialogue. In theory an infinite number of replies can be applied to a dialogue, but in practice, we only have a limited amount of screen space and only 3 or so actually fit.
Orange lines indicate a chance based branch. These come out of replies and are randomly chosen by the game. This chance can be anything, it can be 50/50, 33/33/33, or even 0.1/99.99.

Once we've designed an event, we can make it in our editor:

Convoy Dev Update #2

And in game, the event looks like this:


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