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Some concepts for the Continuum Revival. Feedback and Idea would be gratefully accepted.

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After a small team separation several months back, I decided to re-kickstart Continuum. For those of you that are new, here is a quick run down of the game.

Continuum is an arcade game focused upon quick gameplay which is targeted towards all audiences. Having speeds from a leisurely slow to a blazing fast, Continuum appeals to many types of a gamers. The catch is the quicker the gameplay the harder and more points you receive, so the key is to find the proper balance of speed and difficulty.

Below is a page of some ideas I plan to add to the game now that is has been revived, a few others are ones that I was just throwing around.

So, what are your ideas. Any thoughts on a unique style or theme? How about a game icon, or even a unique mode. Keep in mind, four different modes are already planned, but they will be revealed at a later date.

Concept page

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