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Post news RSS CONTINUE, our fast-paced hack 'n' slash, has been released on Steam

Our team, Pixel Pinecone, released our first game last week. We'd like to give you a little taste of what CONTINUE is all about

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CONTINUE is a fast paced, and challenging action game, where skillful play and mastery is rewarded. We wanted to offer a hack and slash experience, that is at the same time empowering, but also challenging, so that overcoming obstacles and learning the game feels more rewarding. The player has to defeat all kinds of enemies and unique bosses, that put their skills to the test. You'll also get to explore a variety of computer worlds, inhabited by all sorts of computer programs, some friendly and other less so.

Gameplay screenshot

CONTINUE is the first game that our team has made together, and finally releasing it (last Friday) was a really special day for all of us. We'll also be releasing the full soundtrack of the game soon, with other updates already in the works, so more content is already on the way. Here's a quick look at the launch trailer of the game:

CONTINUE is available right now on Steam, check out the link below if you wish to see more
Steam store page

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