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Items on items. I hope you like RGB, because all of these new items do.

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I’ve been working overtime on almost every element of the game. Performance improvements, bug fixes and designing new areas to discover. I’ve made huge amounts of content that is primarily auditory and as such not easy to show off. Pages and pages of new dialog for the player’s assistant character, Wordsworth.

I have added more locked off areas with new items inside them. You have to find a key to enter these areas. Like many things in the game, there are 3 colors of keys, red, green and blue.

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Expanding on the flowers and other plants you can find on the ground, I've add several more plants which eat have their own ability when consumed.

The first and most common you will find is called Traveler's Herb. When eaten, it transports you back to your ship in an instant. This is really helpful since you can save time for more important things than going back to the ship (the game is timed).

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The next is called Root of Pain, which does damage to every enemy on the screen when used. The downside is that it damages you as well.

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The next is called Healing Herb, which is similar to the normal health item meat, except that it heals you more slowly over time (meat is instant). This is good because you can take it before you anticipate taking damage and it can help you recover health. Works well with a tanky strategy.

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Lastly is Frightful Fern, which makes you frightening temporarily and enemies will run the other way when approaching you.

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Here's how it looks in action:

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You may have also noticed that the last 3 plants were, red, blue and green. This plays into another important system of the game that I showed in the last devlog. Each item can be manipulated with juice to make even more different items that give different bonuses. It's been a lot of work, but I'm very pleased that each item has even more variations, of which it would take too long for me to post.

Thanks for reading. I hope to release very soon, so please don't hesitate to wishlist me on steam!


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