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With less than a week to the deadline of Unity's Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone contest, it looks unlikely the demo version of Conundrum will not be completed in time.

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As mentioned in our last post, it was our intention to enter a 3-level demo version of Conundrum, into the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone contest, being run by Unity. However, due to both our Character Modeler and Character Animator, having to leave the team, for personal reasons, meeting the September 30 deadline looks extremely unlikely. We will still release the demo version on IndieDB, when it is complete, but this won't happen until a new Character Modeler and Animator, reply to our job ad, which was posted yesterday, and successfully apply to join the team. Game production is still continuing, at the moment, but work on the 3 characters who will appear in the demo, is suspended, until we replace our outgoing Character Modeler and Animator.

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