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Hey all, here is the new content update for our survival/city building game.

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Hey, gamers.

I know I promised we will have some of the automatic stations ready but sadly we didn't make it for this update. As we know a lot of people were loving it so we please for little more time to get everything ready :D

Till then here is a lot of new tools, a place for exploration, some of the stations, and a lot of bug fixes.

In the last 2 updates were a lot of preparation for an upcoming update which should connect everything up and make this closer to what it was before :)

- dedicated server updated


- Added - Thatch chest

- Added - Wooden chest

- Added - Multirecipe crafting
- Added - Composter
- Added - Vertical connector
- Added - Horizontal connector
- Added - Copper ore depo
- Added - Copper ore
- Added - Copper nugget

- Added - Tin ore depot
- Added - Tin ore
- Added - Tin nugget

- Added - Bronze legure - a mix of copper and tin
- Added - Copper Pickaxe head

- Added - Bronze Pickaxe head

- Added - Copper Hammer head

- Added - Bronze Hammer head

- Added - Copper Axe head

- Added - Bronze Axe head

- Added - Copper Pickaxe

- Added - Bronze Pickaxe

- Added - Copper Axe

- Added - Bronze Axe

- Added - Copper Hammer

- Added - Bronze Hammer

- Added - Copper Nails

- Changed - Map updates

- Changed - Temp in the kiln is now related to lid open/close
- Changed - Schefflera model
- Changed - Tanning rack now requires a knife to process goods
- Changed - Woodworks now requires axe to process goods
- Changed - Arrow recipe now crafts only 1 arrow instead of 3
- Changed - Axe/Pickaxe/Hammer/Nails mold can now also accept copper and tin
- Changed - Iron nails model

- Changed - Removed cloth recipe from workstation
- Changed - Iron can now be found only in a cave

- Fixed - Furnace eats the whole stack
- Fixed - Kiln lid
- Fixed - Some village houses are missing collision boxes
- Fixed - Flax is listed in the Craftable's category on the I menu on Sandbox it should be on Items
- Fixed - Iron Hammer Not visible in nearby
- Fixed - Floating Stream
- Fixed - Splitting stacks only works if [Shift][Left-Click-Drag] to world
- Fixed - Leather Stripe is misspelled
- Fixed - Arrow crafting should give 5 arrows per craft gives 1
- Fixed - Cooking a stack of food does not cook all members of the stack, but the stack says that is cooked
- Fixed - Double-clicking a stack of edibles from the inventory will consume the whole stack but only giving the benefit of one item
- Fixed - Cooked items never cools down
- Fixed - Cant interact with wooden bed sphere
- Fixed - Crusher doesn't have a move option

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