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Construct is now on Steam Greenlight and voting is underway!

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I'm pleased to announce that Construct is now on Steam Greenlight!

If you would like to see the game made available on Steam then please head over and vote when you have a spare minute or two :) Thanks so much.

Here is the Steam Greenlight trailer for Construct.

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From Steam Greenlight:

"Construct is a sci-fi themed first person platformer that sees you trapped in a computer system, trying to escape. Explore the system and discover the 8 empowering 'ability orbs'. Find and download the 5 'player upgrades'. Seek out and extract the 16 'system core power orbs'. Do all this and maybe you can escape.

Construct is primarily a first person platformer, however it also contains puzzle elements, introduced via the various ability orb gameplay mechanics. For example, the 'machine orbs' allow you to provide power to non-functioning system devices and machinery. The 'teleport orbs' allow you to move from your current location to another at rapid speed. As a final example, 'force orbs' allow you to break through otherwise immovable barriers. Progressing through the game requires a combination of exploration, platforming skill and careful thinking.

The game takes place over 50+ areas, ordered into a number of different hub areas, standard levels, upgrade chambers and 'system cores'. Standard levels and system cores are split between city, landscape, abstract and spherical regions. The system is layered in terms of gameplay difficulty e.g. the central hub is a place of relative safety, while the system cores are dark, dangerous areas.

Construct has been in development for approximately 15 months by a one man development team. The game has been built using Unity 5, with a few assets sourced from the Unity Asset Store e.g. music, lightning effects.

The game is in a complete state now, with only bug-fixing, gameplay tweaks, small visual changes etc. being done.

The hope now is to progress to having Construct available for download. Please vote if you would like to see Construct released on Steam!

Thanks for reading ;)

Please do comment and I will do my best to respond, answer queries etc.

Alternatively, I am on Twitter (@ConstructDev_) and you can also contact me on email - contact.constructdev@gmail.com

- Oliver Boyce"

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