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Post news RSS Conquest of Elysium version 3.16 released

This update brings changes to the trading system, improved performance, improvements to the Voice of El and a more disconnection friendly network game.

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New features and bug fixes

  • Trade reform, max tradable amount depends on the price of the item traded. So you can buy twice as much iron compared to human sacrifices.
  • Option to make sure no random player becomes the same class as another player.
  • Allied stack without a commander are drawn without square.
  • Map screen performance improvement.
  • Relics can now be traded.
  • Corrected number of eyes on plants, spiders, scorpions and some more critters.
  • New terrain: Market Village.
  • Altered movement behavior of El troops. Saints and Angels move full speed and with a purpose now.
  • Ophan got a proper attack.
  • Arch Angel got a real firebrand.
  • Message for Pontiff donations said John Doe instead of real name, fixed.
  • Converted squares remained converted even if altered to a non settlement, fixed.
  • Mad Cultist left his gate, fixed.
  • +1 armor for riders of the apocalypse.

Network changes

  • Disconnected players during 'enter name' get a random name.
  • Disconnected players are no longer skipped if they aren't connected.
  • --noturnintoai switch to disable the 'turn into AI' option for disconnected players.

Thanks for the update. Are you guys going to add the Dragon faction sometime in the future?

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awesome work, and as above dragon may be fun ^ hope its somewhat like dwarf with egg growth and random elemental or some other cool way to gain unique abilities.

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