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So v0.4a is out today! It's a big one today with 2 extra maps and some massive improvements to the AI and the AI performance! Plus a cheeky little 50% off!

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So v0.4a is out today and 50% off!! It's a big one today with 2 extra maps and some massive improvements to the AI and the AI performance! We're getting closer and closer to final release each day that goes past. Check out some of the new additions to this version :)

New Map: Training level
We have released a new training level. You can access this from the main menu.. Its currently a singleplayer map that will explain some of the features of Congo and allows you to mess around inside the military camp.

New Map: Abandoned Caves
For once it's day time... Safe and sound in the light of day but as you and your team make your way through the jungle the jeep runs out of fuel.. Venture into the caves in search for fuel and survive long enough to make it out.

New Defense Map: Caves
Protect the objective against swarms of cave demons. Look for fuel to help fuel the generator and search the caverns for equipment.

New Achievements
To go with the new objective level, we have some more achievements for you to gather!

Defense levels - more crates!
We've added more crates to defense levels. We felt that there weren't enough crates in the defense levels and left teams without enough equipment to do the job. This spawn rate is still under review so let us know what you think of this version!

Defense levels - GPS
All defense levels now include a GPS at spawn... Choose wisely on who on the team needs in most.

Progress Rings
A small change but progress rings are now three times the size. Should be a little clearer now ;)

Performance Increase on AI Swarm
We've made a number of changes to the demon's AI which in turn has made the system more efficient. The changes are most obvious during swarms and especially final swarms when theres a lot of demons spawned.

Adjusted Accuracy and Targeting
We've tweaked the aiming and targeting system some more to make it smoother and more reliable.

Tonnes of Bug fixes and Tweaks!
We've been working feverish and have ironed out countless bugs and issues (including the mysterious "ghost" demon that could take down a player without being seen...).

As always, let us know what you think! Be sure to check back soon for some good deals on Congo :)

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