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Post news RSS ConflictCraft 2 is coming to steam next month!!!

ConflictCraft 2 is the sequel to first game which became surprisingly popular and beloved by nearly 200K players on Steam! For this reason alone we've decided to release a brand new title that's far more compelling and in-depth from a tactical point of view.

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It's a strategy game where your goal is to assume direct control over enemy bases shortly before destroying them from the inside. You'll need proper management of your resources, but also leadership skills in order to fully control the opposing forces. Keeping your own bases out of harm's way is paramount. You will be able to diverge half of your available troops for offensive tasks, while the rest must remain staunch defenders. Finding a balance is the key to victory, of course.

Helping you annihilate your foes, you'll have a full arsenal consisting of tanks, helicopters, F-15 Eagle jet fighters and even rocket launchers similar to North Korean designs! After each level you can upgrade your forces as you see fit.

Game Features:
- 53 challenging levels to complete.
- Level Editor allowing complex map customization.
- Large selection of competing nations & factions.
- 32 steam achievements

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