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The next few updates will add the confederacy units and balance them with existing ones.

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The 3rd release is adding 3 more combat units and several weapons to the existing ships. In addition it also adds updated buildpics and several balancing improvements. With the hegemony now in a playable and semi balanced state I will start working on the confederacy side. The confederacy will focus on strength in numbers. The confederacy ships will be much weaker then their counterparts but will build faster and and will be much cheaper. They will also focus more on aircraft carriers than the hegemony. The confederacy mothership will be capable of having smaller ships docked with it unlike the hegemony mothership which can only carry corvettes and fighters. Confederacy ships will have a more steampunk design then the hegemony ships. Almost all of them will have some sort of dirigible and propeller based lift as opposed to the hegemony's nuclear engines. At the moment have several possible ship candidates for the confederacy including their mothership and various subcapital ships. The confederacy mothership will be midway between the liberty class heavycruiser and excelsior class mothership.

subjugator class mothership

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