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The basic outline of the game concepts so far. the ideas that so far have stood out in my mind. take a look!

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Hey guys, came up with a list of basics for the concept!

1. Farming
-wheat, carrots, livestock.

2. Water
-wells, natural springs.

3. Hunting
-deer, buffalo, etc.

4. Population Growth
-settlers begin to arrive to your land and become permanent residence, requiring food, shelter, and water.

5. One Character Control
-you, the player, will control a single starting character in game.

6. Prison Architect style view
-The game will be a top-down style view. (similar to the way Prison Architect looks in game).

7. Hydration, Hunger, Shelter, Tempature
-AI characters must eat, drink, sleep, and have a way to stay warm or cool.

8. Construction
-the player must take the tole of the leader and build houses, barns, saloons, banks, fields, wells, and so on, with the help of settlers that arrive.

9. Citizen Management
-as leader of the town the player must assign tasks and jobs to the settlers that arrive and become permanent residents.

10. Mayoral Elections
-once enough settlers have arrived a democratic process can begin! with voting based on issues the town faces! (I am personally excited for this!)

11. Law Enforcement
-bring wrong doers to justice and protect the town from outlaws and crime!

12. Outlaws
-Outlaws want what you have, so don't let them push you around!

13. Sickness
-sickness will spread amongst the towns people, so keep it in check with a doctor.

14. Expansion
-trade with other towns, and increase the size of your town!

Thanks guys!


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