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its been awhile since i released any news or updates. so i will fill you all in.

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  • Some Tapes will Be Obtainable from the Supply closets. these will be randomised and you will find doubles, and tapes that only spawn once.
  • The Plague Doctors "Cured" will have a Visual Update, sound update and mechanics update
  • New Weapons: HexaSeller, Pipe, Flashlight (replacing the lantern).
  • Storyline Quests: Hope, Hope(2), Trust
  • Weapons Removed: Lantern, Grenade mode (replaced with Burst fire), Launcher Crate at Door.
  • New rooms: Main Office, Armoury (locked), Video Room, Main Entrance, Academic Testing room, Giant Bridge room, office(Above & revamped), Scp 106 chamber (106 locked and visable), 173 Chamber (revamped), 049 chamber, 019 chamber, Seemingly Normal Crush wall room.

Thats all for now, if you have ideas, please email ScpWander@hotmail.com or add Miro.Tygira on skype.

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