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Quick summary of what is going on in the mod. Bad news mostly ._.

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Evenin' everyone.
It's currently 2 in the morning where I am. I just got back from that music festival, and Inn the Tunnels is DEFINITELY being pushed back. Complications with my brother being a complete dipsh*t and spoiling one of my bigger secrets to my mom and sorts and now i am grounded until God knows when. So, I will not be opening applications until further notice, and Inn the Tunnels will now be TBD. I am very stressed, mom isn't loosening up on the punishment and so yeah.
Anyways, I didn't have WiFi nor my laptop on my trip so nothing got done. I'll do some tonight until I'm about to crash and then see if I can squeeze some time in tomorrow before mom starts putting on the weight. And as far as that that is it. Thanks for checking up on the mod, currently have had over 800 viewers (yay!) and got some interested in testing. Sorry for those, I haven't even completed the application so no worries, right?
- Tree

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