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A check up on the progress of Inn the Tunnels (going VERY well)

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Hey everyone, Tree here.
So, if you haven't noticed yet there is a new screen of the map I've been working on. That would be the laboratory, and plenty of things are happening there. I have completed the map and now am moving on to the seventh map, and most likely the end of Chapter 2! There were to be four chapters and that is still going on. I believe if I work hard enough I can get this mod out before the end of my summer vacation (September 2nd). I've heard from some people so far who enjoyed the demo, and have had problems about the ending of the prologue. I'll see what I can do to spice it up. In the mean time, thanks SO much for bringing this mod up so far (last I saw we were at under 500 out of 19000+) It seems incredible, considering this is my first mod and it's just... wow, I can't thank you all enough.
Anyways, I'm off for the night. I put about 7 hours in today to finish the lab so I'm off to play some TF2 or Hidden. Depends.

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