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The game is being completely re-done to give it a better look and feel.

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So, heres a little devlog of how the game is going so far as it's been really quiet this recent weeks. So the game is being developed inside Visual Studio 2015 using a code called VB.NET.

The old version of Beyond used a code language known as VB6, which wasn't very stable at all and couldn't hold masses of data, I was limited to tools and features I could add to the game. However with VB.NET being a stronger, capable code language. It is the perfect place to set the game up, so I'm gonna get into what I have done so far.

Custom Server:

[Image: d0a5d54c936f4422808696beb59ba03e.png]

The old server took far to long to load (Est. 3 - 4 Minutes). The new server boots up within 700 - 1000ms which is a huge improvement compared to the old version of the game. But there are many reasons for that.

New titlescreen (W.I.P):

[Image: 34baa1e158824f758d68a41049df29fe.png]

Character Creation (Removed custom creation for now. Need to implement a new/better version. But you can write your own descriptions! Lol):

[Image: 0f653117dbd14995ab5c2763fb7f11e7.png]

The Client has no maps currently created, I'm focusing on features/graphics before I start mapping. I am going to be creating my own custom graphics, it'll make the game look a ton better and more unique!

Client Screenshots:

[Image: 240b3a474f694fa98f220a15cc5380a1.png]

This was a huge request! You can now change the size of your screen without making it go pixelated -

[Image: 35759cb17da54cc1b3e9abc4d48d37a9.png]

Better Stats page with additional resource stats -

[Image: 9445a08e756b47ad8c833dab55df5fda.png]

That's all folks! Hope this was a nice update! Big Grin

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