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Check out the polished version of Competitive Farming! Gold is soon to come!

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What's New?

  • Everything has sound!
  • Speaking of sound, it no longer cuts out for Parsec clients!
  • The tutorial has been expanded, and it is now skippable!
  • Numerous quality of life changes: picking up the watering can can no longer be spammed with the pickup button, characters are movable on the character selection screen, left shift is no longer used, traps are highlighted for pickup and controls text is displayed, the .exe file was renamed for professionalism, the seed packs have point values, the camera pans to the winning teams truck upon victory, and more bug fixes!

Why These Changes?

  • More sound was added for juice. It is aimed to immerse the players more into the competitive chiptune farming landscape.
  • There were issues with the sound cutting out for Parsec clients, and after some work, the issue has been resolved as fully as Parsec will allow.
  • We got a lot of feedback from playtesters about guidance, so we expanded it and worked to make sure that there weren't any hidden buttons or surprise features that the players wish they knew how to use.

What's Next?

  • We're going to refine any outstanding issues with the game and get it ready for the showcase! These changes will be minor so as not to introduce any new bugs and will concern the most repeated feedback we hear from playtesting this week.


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