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The full release of Competitive Farming is here! Check out the final release!

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What's New?

  • Crop plots are highlighted when planting
  • Changed all usages of the E button to /
  • Made some map changes like moving traps
  • Added an animation for the truck to drive away and a rumble when it starts up
  • Bug fixes noted in feedback

Why These Changes?

  • One piece of recurring feedback we heard was regarding the position that players placed crops. They felt that it was random, so we added a highlighting box around the plot in which the player is going to plant their crop. The intent of this is to give the player a greater sense of control and reduce that feeling of randomness.
  • The E button was favored less than introducing the right hand to the game, so we switched all usages of E to the / button. This makes WASD movement much easier for players.
  • The truck animation and rumble was added to improve the juice of the game. There's no way to miss the truck starting when the screen shakes!
  • Bug fixes and changes to the map are quality of life changes for the players.

What's Next?

  • Since this is the final version released, this will be it for our development! Next we'll be playing other people's games and hopefully hearing feedback on our own. We hope you enjoy!


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