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This is an article about the alpha for Competitive Farming

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What's new or changed?
* The game is playable! (Thanks to some build fixes)
* Bunnies are fenced in by outer fences with more posts.
* Players can see the count of players connected in the title screen, and their character appears upon joining. This addition was made to clarify the streaming process.
* Bunnies use the watering can instead of farmers. This should lighten the load on farmers and give the bunnies something to do.
* The UI has been moved away from the black bars to the left and right.
* Crop particles appear when a crop is fully grown, rather than when it is picked up. This indicates to players that a crop is ready to be picked.
* Some aesthetic changes were made like improving the isometric layering and standardizing the in-game fonts.
* There were also tweaks like edits to colliders for the improvement of gameplay.
Why these changes?
* The biggest change was improving the ease of use with Parsec. This should help players better understand what's going on when they set up Parsec and what they need to do as a next step.
* The other changes were made to polish the player's experience, as we begin to sand down the rougher edges of our milestones.

What's in the works?
* We have a tutorial that will be present in the next build to provide clarification on controls and each player's role!
* Polishing is always a lingering priority, so that will continue to be worked on.

Download here: Indiedb.com

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