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These are guidelines for the Minecraft Community, in the absence of admins

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I have unlocked news posts now. you can update this profile when you wish. Media will be kept frozen.

I'm making this article to try and lay out what should happen, what shouldn't happen, and how the community can help with the spam.

1) all news posts should be from official Mojang sources, and about official mojang news. please source all posts, please!

2) news posts that are not from official Mojang sources/Mojang news should be reported. you can do this in the top-right of the news post.

3) there will be spam/bad comments. it will happen. to fight these, downvote them. please do not downvote genuine criticism, or cause flame wars.

if there is any major issues on this page, you may contact me to sort it out. I will not be removing myself from the Mojang group, so I can still assist in the worst cases.
I will consider allowing a user to be an admin of this page if they contribute regularly and consistently. Otherwise, this page is on autopilot.
Thanks again for all the support and well-wishing! enjoy Minecraft!



You take this way to seriously. You should unlock everything, so people can do as they wish. Also, people should be able to post any sort of news they want, as long as it relates to Minecraft. It is not your game, nor should you pretend like you own it, and you should not dictate this page.

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I agree

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No, this is the official page of Moddb. If the download section is any proof, we don't need tons of spam about "LAWLZ LUK HOW AWSUM DIS IS." It's called quality control, this isn't your own personal blog. Go make one if it bugs you that much.

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No, it isn't my personal blog, nor do i want it to be. I'm just saying it should be more open, people should be able to do more. Like posting pictures, so people can share what they made. Make news posts promoting their servers, stuff like that. If you really want official news about minecraft, try going to their website.

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The downloads section mess was enough, don't you think?

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That's why Kizzy made the Community group, to post irrelevant ****.

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Honestly now, who gives a flying ****? I'm so sick of hearing about this like it's something even remotely serious. I'm with Sam, this has become a joke.

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Kizzycocoa Author

everyone wanted images locked to users. I simply did what everyone wanted. if the community wants this undone, I will be willing to try. but I believe it is too risky to unlock the images.

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It doesn't really matter to me one way or another, I would just like some stability within the community; management is all over the place and now it's pretty much non-existent. Select some new, full time moderators and publicists, or limit/lock/filter member publications, it shouldn't be this difficult.

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