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We've created a new comic video system to help introduce players to the coop campaign worlds, this video will play before the first one. We're hoping it will help set the stage for the story and lead players into the top-down gameplay perspective.

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One of the biggest complaints we've had for Muffed is the artwork. We think the orthogonal top-down perspective works really well for gameplay, but it seems to be turning people off at first glance because they have a hard time understanding what they're seeing. We've noticed in our playtests that after they play for a few minutes they get the gist of it, so we're hoping to help ease them into the viewpoint by priming them for what they initially see through the comics.

We're also hoping that the story-based intros will lead players to explore more of the level details. We designed the levels with an abstract narrative, leaving clues for inquisitive players throughout the game. However, we're not seeing that play out in the way we'd hoped. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback on how players can interact with most of the elements in the game, but very little concerning the story we might be telling through the levels. Ideally, having the comic intro to prime the players for the story of each world and boss battle will give them more incentive to look around as they play.

If you're interested in checking out the campaign, Cymatically Muffed is available on Steam and in the Lunar New Year Sale until January 27th! If you're interested in talking to us directly, we can be reached here.

- Kelsam

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