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Post news RSS Comic Con, Closed Alpha and exclusive updates/artwork - #Update 10

In this update we look at our trip to Comic con and talk about why we opened up for closed alpha sign up on our website.

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We have an important announcement. We poured a lot of sweat, tears and blood into this game. When we share the game with somebody we feel both proud and nervous. Proud because it’s pretty damn awesome and nervous because you might not like the game. Either way it’s very rewarding when people play it, and the feedback we get each time somebody plays it is priceless.

We opened up for closed alpha sign up on our website. When you sign up to our newsletter you also automatically sign up for a chance to get a closed alpha key and you will get exclusive content such as: updates, event announcements and artwork. It’s our way to reach and communicate with you faster. How many keys we will hand out is determined at a later date.

Jazon and the Dead - Alpha Sign up

We went to Comic Con in Copenhagen last weekend, and documented everything. Enjoy.

We also started live streaming. So far it’s been great, the feedback we get through the live streams are amazing. We use twitch and we would love if you stopped by and followed our channel.

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