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Love our Work? You can now donate money to us on our website.

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Hello Gamers,

ComboPear Games was set up in early 2015 to create amazing games for you. I want to say how amazed I am at the gamedev atmosphere on IndieDB. Everyone is supportive of each others games and that's what I like about this website.

When I started ComboPear Games I didn't expect to get this far. I have personally funded ComboPear Games myself from the very beginning when I brought a google developer account and started coding games in Unity. ComboPear Games is now 1 year old and has 2 members. Pinguinoconpulgares kindly volunteered to design amazing artwork for our games back in november and I have always done the coding and the business side.

I feel it has got to the point when I need more funding to create a proper game studio. It has been very tight at the moment as my money for ComboPear Games has basically ran out.

Therefore to keep us afloat in the future we want to start an indiegogo campaign to enable us to get the money to create even more amazing games. We would also like to participate in big gaming events where there would be a chance to have our own booth. There are many things the money would enable us to do. However I don't know how much we are going raise yet.

The Build Up

To build up to the campaign we have put a donate page on our website at www.combopear.com where you can donate any amount you want to us. We are grateful for any donations given. These donations will go toward setting up the campaign on indiegogo and giving us a push on our current games.

Links to some of our work:

Line Ninja

UGEN Sandbox

Thank You Gamers!

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