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Dave talks about our disengaging attack feature, and ponders if we should add a counter-style feature?

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Hi all,

I will be posting a number of updates talking about the combat game play and other features of Fate of Ages. I look forward to lively discussion and hearing everyone’s thoughts on the different mechanics on Fate of Ages, feedback is important!

We recently added a new feature into Fate of Ages combat, a type of disengaging attack. All combat units have a threat zone that extends 1 square range beyond the squares they occupy. If a unit is currently in that threat zone, and moves to a square outside that threat zone, they are at risk of a disengaging attack, which might do them some damage.

As a player, when you highlight a grid position to consider moving there, you are warned of this and given a hit % chance of the disengaging attack. So you can decide whether or not to risk it. Positioning can be key to victory. So as a player you have both to consider when is it worth risking a hit to get into a better position, and where should you place units to maximise the chances of getting a free hit from a disengaging attack. Another side effect of this tactic is being able to effectively protect weaker units (especially “glass cannons”) by forcing a more hardy unit (like good old Barius the Knight) to not just physically block the path, but make a route that even goes adjacent to him ill-advised.

It seemed like a must-have feature for the combat, and has worked out pretty well. My question now is, should we add counters. By that, I mean should certain (all?) units have a small chance to strike back after damage has been resolved for a hit against them, as a free attack before the next unit in the turn order get’s their turn?I would envisage, that like all attributes and powers currently in Fate of Ages, the hit chance, damage type, and damage level could be enhanced through slotting gems to powers, buffing powers and equipping the right kind of gear.

All thoughts welcome, more updates to come soon!



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