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A rundown of an idea I had for a combat mechanic hereby referred to as the Combat Arts System.

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Combat Arts

These are powerful skills that gain strength through use.
When they reach a certain point, you’ll gain access to a more advanced form
(Though the weaker forms are still available). A Combat Art, when equipped,
takes up a number of Skill Slots equal to its level if you want to equip more
than one.

You can be taught a new Art by one who has mastered it, or
learn certain ones from observing your enemies.

Skill Slots

You start with a single Skill Slot, and can unlock more via
increasing your Hero Level. Once you unlock more than one Slot, you’ll be able
to Combo your Combat Arts, as long as you’re able to equip more than one. There
are separate Skill Slots for Aerial, Ground, and Dash attacks.

If you have more than one slot and equip multiple low-level
Combat Arts, you can perform a Combo. When performing the first Combat Art,
press the Attack button with the proper timing to perform the next Art in the
Combo. Each successive Art in a Combo is slightly weakened.

Hero Points

Defeating enemies and bosses nets you Hero Points. Once you
reach a certain amount, your Hero Level will increase, allowing you to learn
new, offensive abilities.

I'm unsure about what to do when you level up, though; should I allow the player to choose an upgrade themselves, or attach certain upgrades to certain levels, like Psychonauts?

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