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Post news RSS ColorBlend FX: Desaturation Prologue releases on August 1 on Steam

We are proud to announce the release of ColorBlend FX: Desaturation prologue on August 1 on STEAM. This is a free standalone release that includes the first chapter of the game, some levels of the second and steam achievements + hidden speed run mode. Wishlist now.

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Hello everyone, colorful or colorless. We're team Pi-Dev from Bulgaria, PeterSvP & DarksSilencer (and some other friends & streamers)!

Since 2017, we are working on the 2.5D puzzle platformer metroidvania ColorBlend FX. After Sparkle showcased his progress on the special device The Colorizator, Lord Ashen wasn't happy with this progress and decided to hinder the Splatians by eating the color essence of the entire world. The Splatians need to co-operate to revert this mess and blend the stolen colors back with the world + foil the plans of the Evil!

The game basically mixes traditional platforming and physics mechanics with the unique color splattering and color matching puzzles. Within the game you unlock different abilities that grant you access to other areas to explore and solve their puzzles while trying to find the Crystals Of Essence that are essential for the Splatians to recover the world.

On August 1 we are releasing the free Desaturation Prologue on Steam!


The prologue edition includes the full first chapter + some levels from the second chapter in approximately a hour and 20 minutes of gameplay. And for you, achievement hunters, there are even secrets to discover and challenges to attempt!

If you are colorblind person we had implemented colorblind mode to help you experience the game.

If you like idea, feel free to Join our Discord, Follow on Twitter, Follow on Instagram, stream, write reviews, post articles and do everything you can to support us.

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Kofin Slime yellow Splatron

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