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Get creative with a new simulation game! Model Builder is a simulator that transfers the popular scale modeling hobby into a virtual plane

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Thanks to advanced tools and a vast database of scale model kits inside the game, the player can recreate vehicles, tanks, robots, or figurines known from history, pop culture, or movies. Today, we want to focus on what players can recreate in the game of II World War models.


In Model Builder, we give the players the opportunity to create assemble and paint tank models known from the battlefields of the II World War. Players can follow the manual and recreate as many history-accurate models as possible, or establish their own camouflages. The decision is in their hands.



Tanks are not the only models that the II World War enthusiasts can create in our game. The base version of the game will also include iconic fighter planes that players can get creative with. In Model Builder, we included the British Spitfire or Hurricane planes that played a significant role during the Battle of England in 1940’. There will also be an A6M5 Zero model - the Japanese fighter plane that, in the early days of the II World War was one of the most advanced in terms of its battle capabilities.

Spitfire Default 2 min


Naval scale model kits were also included in the base version of Model Builder. Players can create well-known history models like battleships, patrol boats, or submarines! In-game, you will be able to assemble and paint U.S.S Arizona, PT-109 Patrol Torpedo Boat, or German Submarine! Every model will have two basic variants of painting schemes that are historically accurate, but nothing stands in your way of coming up with a new creation!



We’ve also thought about less lethal equipment that was used during the II World War. In Model Builder, we are allowing the player to recreate the iconic 4x4 US Army Car or Soviet supply truck.

AATruck1 min

Model Builder will be released for PC via Steam on 8th February 2022. Fans can wishlist the game now.

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