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Post news RSS Coding Session - 9/28/2020

I do some work on the game, involving pixel art and fixing bugs. I also demonstrate some of the features with the inventory status screen.

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The backstory to the game

In the twilight years of the dinosaurs, shortly before becoming extinct millions of years ago, the ancestors of our avian neighbors (Chirp! Chirp!) had evolved—rather surprisingly—into an advanced civilization of intellectuals, built on a foundation of laws, science, and technology.

One year before the events of Larry the Dinosaur 2, the inhabitants of Earth learned firsthand about the existence of life forms beyond their own planet, no sooner than the moment they arrived on Earth's doorstep and revealed themselves to make first contact.

The aliens engaged in celebration with the public, playing into their emotions, and keeping the focus on the mass all the while they were working in the background, moving their plan into place, surveying and infiltrating the planet, The celebration was short-lived, they showed their hand and revealed their true intentions and size of force, The entire fleet came out of hiding and positioned their ships around the globe, ready to strike Their armies rained down from the stars, and planetary invasion began.

The dinosaurs adapted quickly. They were very resilient and put up enough of a fight to make the enemy sweat for each victory. The aliens numbers dwindled, and when Larry delivered the killing blow to their supreme leader, it broke their confidence and morale. They pulled back from their incursion. Some flew their ships back to the depths of outer space. The ones stuck on the ground retreated to different areas of the globe, living out their days in hiding.

Now, one year after the great war, Larry finds himself facing off against the aliens again as they infiltrate his office building in a surprise attack. Fortunately, Larry is stationed at a government facility that operates partly as a classified tactical and intelligence agency, one that houses weapons in certain areas of the building, specifically purposed for "training and field exercises." These weapons are now the only means of survival... if they can be reached in time before meeting an untimely death.

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