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Inspired of DTA and CA mods a new OpenRA mod emerges

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This mod basically combines Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert mods into one game, allowing to play as Allies, Soviet, GDI, Nod within the same game. Also available are 3 country subfactions for Allies and Soviets and the Future Corps for GDI, that are GDI with mechs and hovertech, Blackhand for Nod, which is basically Nod with more lazors.
Since the vanilla gameplay is lacking there are changes to basically everything, stuff that has been useless before might have become useful now.
There are lots of new units and buildings too, in an attempt to make each of the 4 main factions unique some changes was necessary.
There are some limitations like not being able to switch the resource type between Ore or Tiberium, instead have added a checkbox for non-lethal tiberium in the lobby.

The current release of the mod can be found at:
The mod is being developed there whenever i feel like updating it.

Enjoy the mod!

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