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Demo-version of CLR, a multiplayer space PvP arcade, is coming to Desura both for Windows and Linux. It consists of several playable ships suitable for different play styles and an unusual game mode called "Anthill"

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Soon Desura will be full of cannons, lasers and rockets!

CLR is coming to Desura both for Windows and Linux! CLR is a free-to-play cross-platform multiplayer PvP/Co-op arcade space game. CLR provides 2D spaceship combat in 3D environment, wide variety of combat roles fitting different playing styles (achieved by selecting one of many starships and further customizing it with enhancements), and both Individual and clan-based gameplay.

Join your friends and shoot lasers at your opponents! Become a brave star pilot and fight other pilots for gold, for glory and for fun!

CLR is a fast-paced, easy to learn, bright and colorful multiplayer space arcade that we aim to make equally enjoyable by hardcore and casual gamers.

Here at Net Games Laboratory we set out to make a game consisting solely of player-versus-player combat with an arcade look and feel and a light-hearted gameplay that is hard to find today. We want to make something that we ourselves would like to play - a game chock-full of what's cool about spaceships shooting each other up and none of that boring stuff that big games today are filled with. We hope you will share our excitement.

To see the direction we are going try out new demo version of our game. It consists of several playable ships suitable for different play styles and an unusual game mode called "Anthill".

Now, what is "Anthill"? This game mode divides all participating players into two teams. Each team has a home base - a space travel node, a crucial part in establishing your side's munitions delivery routes throughout the galaxy. Only one node can remain, so the other one must blow up.

Both bases are protected by five huge Juggernaut-class ships each. These ships are controlled by their autopilots and do not communicate or interact with the players. But they are very well-equipped to do their job, which is protecting the base and allied ships at all costs. Protection force ships are connected to the defences of the base. Base's damage resistance is diminished when there's nobody to protect it. This means that with every defender ship destroyed the base starts taking more damage from every hit directed at her. So your goal is to annihilate the enemy base while at the same time dealing with their defence force. Sounds simple? Not that much! You chose a very peculiar part of the inhabited space to wage war in.

Your space sector is full of alien cocoons. Every cocoon conceals a swarm of Hornets - weird creatures that seem to have no mind of their own. They are hostile to everyone but each other. Hornets are not toothless - they are capable of emitting laser beams no less powerful than those of the ships.
You can wake up any other cocoon by shooting at it until the cocoon's shield is destroyed. Once awoken, the cocoon sends Hornets to attack the base nearest to the cocoon's location. Hornets and cocoons can be destroyed - obviously! - but there's a not-so-hidden catch. Destruction of the cocoons makes Hornets stronger. So it's always your choice - do you want to deal with plentiful, but weak aliens, ar do your prefer your space monsters great in strength but small in numbers?

Start playing the demo and see for yourself how different and fun space combat can feel. As for the looks, be forgiving - this is still and early demo version and a lot of graphical assets are only placeholders.
Just grab hold of your ship and engage!

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