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The story of the project i am working on, Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past.

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The story of Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past

Hello! My name is Dan and i am the creator and sole developer of Lost Memories: Ghosts of the Past!
I started working on this project 2 and a half years ago just to learn Unreal Engine. But after months and months of learning Unreal Engine, of working hours and hours and watching tutorials i decided to do something bigger and create an video game.

This was my dream since i was an child. But now, finally i have the courage to show you what i have created until now, in my spare time, in 2 and a half years.

But first things first!

Here is how the game looked 2 years ago:

This was a time when i have not invested anything on the project but only my time. It was the first time i was using an Game Engine.

Three monts later i created some basics for the game, but i did not had a clear image, i did not knew what i want to do :

Seven months later i thought that " This is it. This is how i want my game to look and feel ". But later i realised that this kind of gameplay will create motion sickness and no one could play it:

One year later i decided to make my first investment in an marketplace asset. Yes, was not experienced and i did not had the time to create everything from scratch and i decided to buy it. After some little tweaks to the asset i achieved this:

One year and seven months later i was really proud of what i did, but i did not had too many core mechanics and the gameplay was hard to understand. I had no stable saving/loading system, no stable main menu with options, not even customizable controls. But it was starting to look nice:

But i hit another wall, the optimization. The stability was a big issue. On other computers than my own the game will crash at start. I thought that it was over. But i did not quit.
2 years later i was pozitive that this is it and i can release the demo. But after an streamer played the build i saw how many flaws it had. You know, it is really hard to see all the flaws just by yourself. But even if his feedback was mostly negative i saw where i was wrong. I saw the critical bugs and i started working again. This is how it looked played by me :

And 2 years and a half later i released my second trailer. Of course made by me, of course not professional and not even close to a good trailer. But i am proud of what i have achieved:

Today, i still don't know if someone will like playing my game. I still don't know if it will succeed. But what i know is that i am trying to make this game from passion, form heart. I want it to be hard, i want it to look good. I want to take care of almost every detail and do something of quality. Of course, it will be hard, it will take time. But maybe someday i will have my full release.

Until then i will do my best to release the demo this year. I hope that by the end of it i can release it on Steam.

Dan Ionita, Lost Memories Developer

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