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Performance improvements, fixes, better object loading, interface tweaks and more.

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We've just released the version of the client to address some issues and add a couple of cool new features. We're still working on the drive-able vehicles which will be in the coming 1.4 version of the client. See below for release notes.

Release Notes

- Chat history length shortened to 50 messages

- Product last updated time properly calculated now so products will automatically load from server instead of local cache if product has been updated by creator

- User Public Area Info at bottom right now shows owner name under area name

- Turning left or right with our avatar using A, D, Left Arrow or Right Arrow will no longer turn off auto-run

- Can now open decorate menu and browse object/retail inventory in areas where you can’t decorate. If attempting to place an item from your inventory you will receive a can’t decorate message if you don’t have permissions for that area.

- Error message for radio not loading in an area now appears in the chat instead of coming up
as a message box that needs to be closed.

- If Patron account there is a new window that will appear after logging in with information on how to become a Denizen

- If Patron account there is a new tab at the bottom right with information about becoming a Denizen

- Improved product material generation so that duplicates of the same products use the same material assets instead of generating new materials per additional product. This should have improve both runtime performance as well as memory usage.

- The disconnect notice now also has a full screen background

- Fixed issue with user public area banner image not showing in public area info in the user public area list

- Using the mouse scroll wheel to scroll down through items in a list will no longer pop you out of first person mode
- Fixes applied to address random crashes

- Snapshots Photo Type drop down button no longer shows two overlapping arrows

- Can no longer start a private chat with yourself

- Public Area owner can no longer be added to the rooms banned member list

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