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The newest update to Click for Biscuits adds two new endings, new personnel to hire, and some handy new features!

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New Endings

Two new endings are available: Opportunity Knocks and Whispers in the Dark.

These endings are more focused than the existing two, with Opportunity Knocks pointing you towards a capitalist and credits-based path and Whispers in the Dark reflecting a science-focused, tentative strategy.

Endings are the Click for Biscuits version of an ascension or prestige, but I want to give them a bit more flavor and dynamism than you'd traditionally see. As more endings are added they will start to interact with each other and with your options in the game, so you'll have to make decisions about the strategies you want to pursue in later games and select endings that put you on the right path.

New Personnel

Two new personnel types were added -- both of which are ship specialists.

The Space Trader produces credits when assigned to a ship and the Food Writer produces fame. Hopefully these two specialists will start to help make fleet management more interesting and valuable.

Currency Goals

You can now click on any label that displays a currency cost to set a goal for that particular currency. Once you set a goal, a small circular progress indicator will appear near the currency value in the status bar at the top of the screen. When the circle is full, you've reached the goal you set.

You can clear the goal for a currency at any time just by clicking on the progress indicator -- you can also replace the goal by clicking on any other cost label for the same currency.

Adjustable Game Speed

In the top left corner of the screen there is now an option for changing the game speed. You can choose "Slow" to reduce the game speed to half, or select "Fast" or "Very Fast" for twice and four times the standard speed. This is pretty handy when you've got your production pipeline balanced and are just waiting for a new skill unlock or something similar.

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