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A rundown of the 3 current classes and their abilities in the game. we also look at perks that change the way the game is played.

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A list of the current classes, Abilities and perks in the game with descriptions. We will be adding more soon so suggestions are welcome.

The Engineer:


The Engineer can throw down traps randomly across the field; these traps can be upgraded to deal more damage to enemies and are most useful for levels with choke points. Traps can be stacked up meaning you can place more traps by using this ability multiple times.


As well as traps the Engineer is also able to repair his tower allowing him to last longer in the field of battle. The health repaired can be increased by leveling up this ability.

Fire Arrows:

The Engineer can set his projectiles on fire giving him a direct damage boost to his attacks, this is a timed affect that when leveled can give the Engineer an immense amount of power.

The Knight:

Knight passive:

This ability keeps a knight on the field that will fight for you, leveling up this ability increases the attack power and speed of the knight. There is no time limit as he knight is always present on the field. If you activate this ability the knight will gain a temporarily increased speed and attack rate increase.


MultiShot allows the Knight to fire 3 projectiles at once, combined with increased strength and critical hit chances this ability can take out whole rows of enemies at a time.


Shoots arrows in a circle around your tower dealing normal damage. Again this can be devastating combined with the strength stat and your chance to critical hit.

The Wizard:


This ability allows the wizard to enchant his projectiles with ice, slowing enemies that are hit by half their movement speed. Increasing this ability will increase the duration they are slowed for.

Summon Golem:

The wizard can summon up multiple Golems that instantly deal their damage on touching an enemy, this allows them to quickly clear areas of the field, increasing this ability will allow you to summon more golems and increase their damage.


The Wizard can call down multiple fireballs that deal immense damage and covering the field in flame. This ability can easily clear the screen of enemy’s. increasing this ability increases the damage the fireballs do.


Archer Tower:

Every time you put a point into this up to level 4 you gain an extra archer tower that combines onto your tower to create a castle, leveling this ability up after level 4 increases the damage the towers deal.


This ability will create a moat around your Tower damaging enemies that attack you. If you have 4 archer towers the moat’s appearance will change to fit the new castle design.

Critical Hit:

This perk gives you a chance to deal 3 times as much damage on every hit. When maxed out you can expect to get a critical with every other shot fired.


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