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Post news RSS Clash of Aggression 0.4.7 update: random boxes and new changes

In this update several new features and changes have been introduced. Deathmatch games are now more dynamic than ever!

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Random boxes have been introduced in Deathmatch. Opening a random box can give you an advantage over your opponents, or it can just change the course of the match.

The boxes will come from the sky, so look up!

You can enable/disable the random boxes before beginning the match.

Now, everytime you or another player hits an enemy, a floating damage number will appear, showing the amount of damage the enemy got. It also applies for damage made in Deathmatch.
You can enable/disable it at the Game settings.

Also, the old Ally Tokens look much better now. They have been replaced by blue flags. Allies will spawn from time to time near the blue flags.

Full version 0.4.7 changelog:


  • Added floating damage effect on hits. Can be disabled on Game settings
  • Added head damage on player’s character
  • Added ammo power up
  • Added random boxes on deathmatch. They fall from the sky and contain unknown misteries :P . Can be enabled/disabled
  • Ally token are now blue flags
  • Increased health and damage of Wave Survival final boss
  • Improved view distance of several objects (rocks, buildings…)
  • Changed shop font in Wave Survival game mode


  • Player movement and rotation on network smoothed

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed flashlight status not synced at the start of a game
  • Fixed dinosaurs and orthos attacking while dead
  • Fixed melee characters not attacking on their range sometimes
  • Fixed white dots graphic error in some enemies and trees. Had to disable AA for now
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