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Post news RSS Clash of Aggression 0.4.10 update: Gameplay balanced and some improvements

Experience, gold and score given by all characters have been balanced.

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Experience, gold and score given by all characters have been balanced. Non playable characters wearing an armor and a helmet have more HP and receive less damage on head.

Also, the atomic bomb explosion has been improved:

Like last version, some more randomization has been added: attack sounds and death animations have been randomized for most characters.

Demo has been updated to this current version. You can play three different maps in three different game modes (deathmatch included). Have fun!

This is the full 0.4.10 version changelog:


  • Upgraded to Unity 5.4.2f2
  • Slow motion triggered in Wave survival game mode is now synced on network
  • Improved nuclear explosion: added mushroom and blast light
  • Random death animation for most characters and playable characters
  • Random melee attack sounds for most characters
  • Added superweapons shop menu option to Death at Nightfall (halloween map)
  • Balanced experience given by enemies and allies on death
  • Balanced character's stats: head damage reduced to characters wearing a helmet, increased health of armor wearing characters, improved speed of those who don't
  • Scarecrow boss now gives similar money, experience and score on death as other bosses

Bug fixes

  • Fixed allies speed in Death at Nightfall (halloween map)
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