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There's been some questions recently about the backstory of the clans and what they stand for, why they're fighting. We decided to put together a basic profile for each Clan while we're still working on the full lore.

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Night Streets Background

Hanako Clan shown in Red and Gold. Yamai Clan shown in Black, Green and Bronze.


Colors: Dark Red, White and Gold
Location: Near Mt. Yari
Overview: The Hanako are known for their devout practice of Bushido, the Samurai’s code of honor. They are the official Shogunate of Japan, and sworn protectors of the Emperor, of peace and of nature. They revere the sakura tree, and cultivate beautiful trees despite frigid conditions up in the mountains. Many believe these trees to be sacred; with healing abilities to those meditating in their presence.

The shogun made a pact with the Emperor that Edo would remain safe, and they would defend Japan with honor against the Yamai. The Emperor considers the Hanako Clan to be the yin of Japan, and the Yamai the yang. This refers to their polar opposition of beliefs and approaches to war and self-cultivation.


Colors: Black, Green and Bronze
Location: Southwest Shiga Prefecture to the east of Kyoto.
Overview: The Yamai are known as the scourge of Japan. After almost single-handedly defeating nearly all of the Sengoku Era clans, they have left southwestern Japan as a war-torn land of depression and brutality. The Yamai’s reputation is one of terror, intimidation and blatant disregard of Bushido. They do whatever is necessary to be victorious, and retreat like cowards if they’re unable to win.

The Yamai Clan have a bitter hatred for the Hanako Clan due to their offering of refuge to the Emperor after word of invasion spread and Kyoto was too dangerous to remain the capital. Where the Yamai have traveled is obvious by the burned, scorched terrain and lack of life. Commoners in the north that are out of reach due to the Hanako-Matsumoto alliance refer to the Yamai as the “scourge of Japan.”

Read the rest of the backstory and clan profiles at: Hanakogame.com

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