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Our new Clan Party update has arrived; along with it some of the biggest quality of life improvements in Robocraft to date!

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Our new Clan Party update has arrived, along with it some of the biggest quality of life improvements in Robocraft to date!

All the frustrations you may have previously felt when partying up with friends have been addressed and the entire process has become a lot smoother!

There’s also some great extras in there too, like some major improvements to the Premium system and even our own set of Steam Trading Cards!



    • Fancy new party widget gives you all the info you need about your party!
    • The party widget shows you when an invited player is yet to accept your invitation, has accepted it and joined, and when they’re queued up for a battle!
    • Party events such as being invited or members joining will now appear in your chat panel!
    • You can now invite players to a party by right clicking their name in your friends list or clan list
    • The fourth and fifth party slots are no longer locked behind premium! Everyone and anyone can get into 5-person parties whenever they want!!!


    • Recycle rates are increased by 3x while you have Premium
    • The 6-month option for premium has been replaced with the Life Time option and is priced at $49.99 (USD) / £34.99 (GBP) / €44.99 (EUR). That's right! *TV Sales Voice* For the low low price of $49.99 you can have premium forever onward!


    • Robocraft's Steam Trading Cards system will include: 8 Trading Cards, 6 Backgrounds, 10 Emoticons, 6 Badges
    • As Robocraft is a F2P game, you will earn Trading Cards by spending money in-game (one badge per ~$9 according to Steam's official FAQ)
    • Important note: This will only include money spent through the steam wallet. Any purchases made without the Steam wallet will not help you progress towards a Trading Card.


    • You can now right click on your own avatar to change it
    • Several general party optimizations
    • Polished and optimized the salvage crate drop screen
    • Improved Mech Leg LoDs
    • Many players were unaware that you can edit a clan’s description if you’re a high enough rank, so a visual element has been added to make it more apparent
    • Improvements have been made to make chat more easily readable
    • Tutorial arrows are now animated!


    • You can now right click on your own avatar to change it
    • Fixed a bug which obscured some salvage crates when using 800x600 resolution
    • Fixed a bug which caused the chat panel at the end of a battle to become faded, forcing you to re-click it to send messages
    • Fixed a bug which stopped players in the Pit from being removed from the scoreboard when they left the battle early
    • Fixed a bug which would on rare occasions cause mech legs to… detach from themselves and fall apart
    • Fixed a bug which caused the CRF button to remain white after purchasing a robot
    • Fixed a bug which caused the error message “You have no bot” if you attempted to join a battle while viewing a robot in the CRF
    • Fixed a bug which caused players to move through terrain as though it had no collision if they died while blinking
    • Fixed the Chain Shredder’s connection points, as one of them wasn’t a ‘real’ connection point
    • Fixed the Dwarf Spike Plate’s glow color
    • Fixed a bug which caused the blinking chat cursor to appear within the channel name when joining or leaving a channel
    • Fixed a bug which left the Clan chat channel available after leaving a clan
    • Fixed a bug which failed to display the red ! when invited to a clan, if you were offline at the time of the invite
    • Fixed a bug which caused Sprinter Legs to sink into the ground when used with Insect Legs… for whatever reason you might be doing that. You do you
    • Fixed a bug which caused robots with both versions of the Sprinter Leg to lose their ability to forward-leap

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