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Woodwind Studios has just released the gold version of Claire and Netty!

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What an exciting week here at Woodwind Studios! We now are publishing our Gold build for Claire and Netty. We did a lot of polishing this week, as well as a few small exciting features here and there.


  • Added some talking friendly animals that you'll see throughout your exciting escape -- make sure to walk up to the pig and cow to say hi!
  • More animal sounds can be heard throughout our game, such as Moos, Clucks, and Quaks when relevant animals start talking!
  • Added a credits scene, with a special thanks to many others who have helped this game along the way.

Bug Fixes

  • Stopped UI from clipping into in game geometry
  • Improved the robots aim -- they were having a hard time hitting Netty!
  • Camera sensitivity slider is more functionally reliable now
  • Fixed controller navigation in menus
  • Prevented a couple hard to reach soft locks

.... and much more! We spent a lot of timing adding some finishing visual touches and scenery, as well as overall audio and feel polish to get this game ready for release. Our goals were to get this as stable as possible, which is why we didn't make as many functional or drastic changes that could have sacrificed the stability of the game. Ultimately, we want the player experience to be bug free as you help Claire and Netty escape the clutches of RoboCorp!

As far as next steps go, we'll be crossing our fingers hoping that there are no game breaking bugs in our gold build, and we are at the ready to hotfix them if any are too drastic. We hope that our players are having as much fun with this game as we had making it. As a side note... the development team has had a lot of fun speed-running this game. We challenge all of you to do the same, after you first playthrough of course.

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