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Check out the new screenshots and videos from the redesigned levels.

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Hey guys!

I`m currently focusing on finishing the "story" part of the game which consists of multiple(14) stages/levels. I was pretty happy about their design and general idea... but there were some slight quality differences that I wanted to polysh.

Improving design

Quality of my work got better over time, so in the end, I had to rework some of the older levels.

Camera transitions

I have created a small script that dynamically changes position boundaries of the camera. It`s nothing special, but it gives me power to easily navigate through tight spaces without clipping into walls.

Environment interaction

You have to interact the environment and create your own way, but be careful what you grab :)

What`s Next?

I would like to create an official steam store page for the game in the next couple of days. Also, there are still some story levels I want to polysh, and my composer should send me the first batch of sound effects. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are definitely getting closer to the official release. See you next week with more updates! ;)

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