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I introduced a new enemy, the Green Knight, who is a stronger version of the Silver Knight, but uses a spear instead of a sword.

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He has different attacks: a running attack where he strikes multiple times and a winding overhead thrust, which has a long but slow range, and finally a forward thrust.

Also, as with the Silver Knight, it shares blocking attacks with shield, a shield bash attack and a cure animation.

The block has a probability that it can be followed by a Heavy attack or a Shield Bash.

The Shield Bash is a shield attack that puts the player in stunlock. In this state the player can only cancel the stunlock animation with a dodge.

The cure happens if the Knight is with less than 50% health. The less health he has the more likely he will try to cure himself. The cure restores about 75% health. If he is too close to the player he will try to move away.

The cure animation is just over a second long so the player can hit him before he can cure himself. If he get attacked during the heal, the Knight will not try to heal after few attacks, and then he will try to heal again.

Also, I placed the Silver Knight in the Greybox map and tested it.

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