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Finally the game has been released on Steam. Check it out if you like!

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Hi All,

Finally, after a long development time CitiesCorp Concept has been released on Steam.

The past few weeks were focusing on implementing resolution support, music, debugging and fine-tuning.

At this stage, the game should be stable, but in case you find a bug, just let me know.

Initially, I've been thinking to launch the game as Early Access, even the game is ready as it is, in order to outline the meaning of "Concept" = the development in not over, because city building is still a developing genre in my point of view; given there will be sufficient interest from the community and it will stay affordable for me to keep it developing, the idea was to implement new features step by step. However, Steam suggested to not to publish it as EA (OK, I did not want to commit to clear development milestones and this is probably mismatching their definition - why I did not commit, because there are too many ideas and I would like to see what the players like or dislike and based on that to make a new priority list).

So, I really hope you will like it, don't be too harsh with me when reviewing the game and have fun.

Thanks for following this project - I really appreciate that.

And now, enjoy the trailer (short version for the lazy ones)!!!

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