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This describes what is coming to Chroma Blast in a future update. Also the state of the PC version of Chroma Blast.

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I would like to update you on some things that I am working on for Chroma Blast. So the Wii U version released last month, and people are enjoying the game. So I decided to add a few more modes and features to the game. For the new modes 2 of them will be variations on what is currently in the game. For the last mode I am adding it will be a totally different style of play where you need to build up your multiplier to get high scores. Currently This mode is still in testing so I don't know when the update will be released. I'm hoping early September, but it might be later in the month or early October.

As for a PC version I have decided to post it up on Itch.io since Chroma Blast hasn't been greenlit yet. You can download it Here if you like. The download is free, but if you decide to donate money you will get a free Steam key for Chroma Blast if it ever comes out on Steam. Also anyone who donates money will get updates to Chroma Blast the same time as the Wii U version.

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