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Hello everyone! It's been a while. About six months since the latest update and I've been busy. Though I must admit, I wasn't busy with TPTO. I will post some news here for you on how it goes.

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Straight to the point. I have barely no experience in game developing. With that said, I'm a bit stuck. If I were to brag I have always been good at getting emotions into texts like short stories and novels. So I was rather confident at start about me being able to do the exact same with the event-system in RPG Maker.

Though that's when it went wrong. I overestimated my own ability of making the conversations. A few of you probably know that along with failure and loss of confident in yourself, you get stuck and get insecure. So plain simple, I am currently not making any progress because I think that so far it's not good enough to even show off to you. Hence I decide in my own mind that it's not even worth doing. Along with actually living my life and having this as a side project the progress, of course, is staggering.

I haven't given up on the whole idea of this game yet. So if you are interested don't see this as a lost cause. But it will take a while before you'll see any significant changes and progress i'm afraid. In order to actually try to learn this conversation writing I've taken up on writing a supernatural-themed novel.
As I make progress on that, it simply gets prioritized.

As I am stuck, changes as length of the game, environment and perhaps even the whole island theme might be something I discard in hoping to actually finish this rather than see it undone. I am currently thinking about making this play out in a mansion, or at least just a smaller piece than a whole island. After all, this is my first game and as it's one of my strengths, my ambition of doing something remarkable is also my weakness, because I likely have to high standards of myself. Any changes that I will actually do I will inform of.

If you have any hints that you think could help me make progress out of the event system. Please comment below. The whole thing about this game should be the story. And in a story, The conversations is pretty essential.

I hope you understand and have a happy new year!

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