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Merry Christmas! Here’s our present: The Christmas Update. Find out what’s included.

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Greetings dinosaur hunters!

The dev team wishes you a Merry Christmas! :) As a Christmas present to you we give you the Christmas Update!


Camouflage net

Camouflage net effectively hides the player from dinosaurs when used right. It’s a new item which will be given to the player for free once completing a new mission. In case a player loses the net it can be purchased back from the shop. Players can move while utilizing a camouflage net but are not able to run. Remember that movement can be heard by nearby dinosaurs. Usage of other items isn’t possible while under the net.



Dinosaur AI improvements

When dinosaurs are wounded enough they might flee. This behavior includes almost all of the species. Smaller carnivores will also flee when hurt enough and if they’re not hungry. The bigger carnivores aren’t currently frightened by this.

Auto reload

Reload behavior can now be configured with a new dropdown setting in options. There are three available options: You can either have manual reload, auto reload once magazine is empty or auto reload once pressing the shoot key and magazine is empty. Auto reload setting can be altered both in the main menu and in-game menu. By default it will be in manual mode.

Updated rare textures

Some of the older rare textures have been updated with new ones that more clearly distinguish the rare ones from the common. Rare textures were updated for:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Utahraptor
  • Compsognathus


Graphics settings

Now in the graphics options you’re able to select different anti-aliasing and ambient occlusion settings to be used. The default values are TAA and SSAO High. You now have the option to select FXAA, SMAA or off too for anti-aliasing. With these other settings you’ll experience less ghosting and get rid of the “x-ray vision” bug. But the drawback is that the game might look rougher. Alter these settings only if you want to try out other techniques. If you choose to use FXAA, SMAA or off for anti-aliasing change ambient occlusion settings to HBAO as they work better with this ambient occlusion.

We will keep improving these settings in the coming updates. Our aim is to get TAA rid of current issues because it’s the default technology we’re developing with.


Other improvements

  • Dinosaur gunfire scare distance was reduced on the sides and back off the player
  • Players will be able to deselect special locations from the compass using map
  • Inventory and storage box item order is now saved

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Dino target error on new host when host leaves and new host is migrated
  • The game wont no longer try to join match from invite and break current session when already in a match
  • Improved connection to server to ensure data persistence
  • Shop didn’t correctly show owned item counts from new equipment slots
  • Fixed item drop from equipment slots not immediately updating UI
  • Player knock behavior is now synced
  • Hold breath didn’t affect the weapon spread. Now holding breath correctly lessens spread.
  • No longer able to equip two items at the same time.
  • Hitboxes for some bushes and palm trees were corrected so bullets don’t stop at wrong parts of them.
  • Improved T-rex hitboxes.
  • Bullets no longer travel through big rocks

Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Yess, keep it up.

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